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With me, with me...No night is too long.

28 July 1980
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Hello!!! Welcome to my LJ. I am classical musician living in the dreaded South, thought I am a Yankee liberal at heart. My husband and I bought a house here last year and strangely enough I'm loving every minute.

I have a serious weakness for beautiful boys. Especially when those boys are kissing other boys. Even better if they are crying at the same time. I am crazy in love with Doctor Who and David Tennant, though I am quickly growing to love Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor as well. I think he is one of the most talented men working anywhere these days. I love all things Harry Potter (especially Harry/Draco) and Queer as Folk (I want to have Brian Kinney's babies). I am a "Gays of Daytime" junkie and follow Alles Was Zaehlt, One Life to Live, Verbotene Liebe and EastEnders religiously. Also I love any and all English dramas with restrained, heartbreaking, can't say how much I love you, but can't you see it in my eyes men. For example, Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon and Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Yes, they kill me.

I write fic. I drabble. I write epic crossovers (Brian Kinney/Draco Malfoy) that take over my life and nearly all of muses for the better part of a year. (Yes, it sounds crazy, but it works) I have Brian/Justin, Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius and even some Harry/Hermione fics posted here.

Otherwise, you'll find lots of squee, lots of love and in general a good time!!