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New HP Fic: Fit to Print

It's time I start posting this monster!!

Title: Fit to Print
Fandom: HP
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Ginny bashing, but only by Draco.  WIP
Summary: A story in which Draco falls madly in love (but with a straight, heartbroken boy), Harry is said straight, heartbroken boy (but you know, shit happens). A tale of friendship, love, Gryffindor determination and all the news that is fit to print. (And lots of drinking)
Author's Notes: I will freely admit that I took a great deal of inspiration from several wonderful gay story lines out there: Maurice, Were the World Mine and primarily Clara Sheller (a fabulous French show which you MUST watch if you haven't!) The main premise of Draco falling in love with a straight boy, comes from a college friend of mine who when one day she was looking very down simply explained, "I've fallen in love with a straight girl." They were together for 5 years! 

I'll post this in small chunks of 1 or 2 "parts" at a time, getting larger as I near the end (I'm quite close to being all the way done but needed some support i.e. comments!)  I'm also pretty excited as this is my first true Harry/Draco story.  Hard to believe.  Thank you in advance to all who read!!!

Fit to Print by AuselysiumCollapse )


HP Fic: Remembering to Forget

Title: Remembering to Forget
Rating: PG
Pairing: None (WTF, I wrote GEN fic??)
Warnings: Slash if you squint
Word count: ~1500
Summary: To Hermione, it felt like murder.

Based on a prompt for hp_emofest 's Mini Fest. The prompt: Years after the final battle. Harry or Hermione decides to stop using magic and return to the Muggle world.

This fic is just another in my on going fascination with Hermione and what she would be like a woman. In this fic, I am not so nice to her, but there is hope! I see this as part 1 of a 2 part story, which I'll write soon. The link will take you to the hp_emofest posting.

Remembering to Forget



Also, I'm writing a Harry/Draco story and I LOVE it. :) The writing isn't bad either.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of friends, family, peace and love.

HP Fic: Goodnight and Go

Title: Goodnight and Go
Verse: HP
Pairing: H/D
Wordcount: approx. 500
Timeperiod: post DH
Warnings: Angst
A/N: Title, inspiration and a few lines taken from Imogean Heap's song of the same name.  Fabulous album if youve been living under a rock and somehow don't know it.  It's been a long time since I've written anything, so be kind!!!

Goodnight and GoCollapse )

Testing, testing...

*picks up journal*

*blows dust from off the top*

*cracks spine*

Anyone still out there?

So I've been terribly MIA for...well...ages. I had my baby March 19th (5 weeks early and I went into labor while playing in the orchestra for an opera performance, but that is a whole different story!) and he has become the sun and the moon in my life. The most amazing thing I have ever done is become a mom. But he also takes ALLLLL my free time so I guess that is my excuse...

But the writing bug has bitten once more. I've got so many stories I want to write. So little time to do them and I feel so VERY rusty. BUT! I will be back momentarily with fic. Can you even believe it??? Just a short, rather angsty, Harry/Draco thing. Ahh...yes, still love those boys.

HP Fic: The Unanswered Question Part II

Title: The Unanswered Question
Part: 2 of 2

The Unanswered Question Part IICollapse )


HP Fic: The Unanswered Question

Title:  The Unanswered Question
Pairing:  Draco/Hermione
Rating: R
Era: Post DH
Part:: 1 of 2
Summary:   The hatred that Hermione had adopted when she became friends with Harry Potter and had grown with every insult Malfoy directed at her had never really disappeared. Time would not let her forget that kind of relentless disgust and the tireless ball of loathing that been lodged in her gut since first year burned their still. And yet, her attention always seemed to drift his way.
Author's Notes: Originally written for hp_emofest, this was a pairing I had never written, nor even read before, so I came to it with no preconceptions.  I hope that freshness shows here.  The title comes from the piece for orchestra by Charles Ives.

Part ICollapse )

I started watching this when anthonydlangford (the person I had been using to watch Luke/Reid) started posting this story on YouTube.  I was determined not to like it, but I've always liked Hollyoaks - good production value, good writing, good acting and so I watched a few episodes and sort of got drawn in.  

This is not your typical gay, coming out story.  There is abuse and head games and never quite knowing what is going to happen, but I've really started to love these characters.  They both have their dark histories and really there won't be a happy ending for these guys, but at the same time, I'm finding it impossible to stop watching.  Brendan Brady (played by Emmett Scanlon) is especially interesting, with him and his no longer so god-awful mustache.  He's quite the lovely, Irish, tall drink of water, IMHO even though he's messed up and complicated and down right dangerous.  And Ste Hay (played by Keiron Richardson) is just delicate and lovely, but seems to be the only person on the show really capable of getting Brendan in control (or completely out of control if you watch the show!!!)

They are both in such denial about how much this mean to them.  But it is obvious that their attraction cannot be stopped.  

I'd been watching casually until this episode last week, then went back over this weekend rewatched the whole thing from the start.  It's a great episode to really give you an introduction to these two.  Needless to say, their story is far from over.




Even though I know most of the fandom is about to go into mourning...This makes me ridiculously happy. :)

The Doctor's Getting Married

HP Fic: The December Chill

Title: The December Chill
Fandom: HP
Pairing: Harry/Hermione
Warnings: angst, Harry POV
Length: Drabble; 100 words
Timeline: during Deathly Hallows
Summary: With Ron gone, Harry and Hermione find solace and warmth in each other. But will it last?

A/N:  Just a little something to get me back into the swing of things.  Nothing epic, but it helps to get the dust off.  :)

The December ChillCollapse )

Working Title: We all Fall Through

Ok. I've done it. I've concocted the 4th installment in the Queer as Magic verse. Haven't written a word, but like most multipart stories that I've found most successful, I can see the whole of the story arc very clearly in my head.

I'm super excited to get working on it. Maybe even as soon as Monday. (Or tonight if I can't bare to wait that long!!)

The title comes from this song by the band Grizzly Bear from their album Veckatimest. If you don't know it (or them) seriously check it out. It blows my mind every time I listen to it.

Here is the official video below!!!

In other news, furnace is still on and I'm almost done with all my work for the semester!!! Christmas break can't come soon enough!!!!

Lookie! Two posts in one day!!!

Just saw this vid. God damn, Don Draper. Even when you don't get whats going on you're a beautiful man.


I'm still here!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking.

This semester has been insanely busy between all my teaching, my gigs and all the doctors appointments for baby!! But things will taper off after Thanksgiving. At which point I really do hope to write some more. I miss it.

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out to my flist!! Hope everyone is having a happy fall!!

The urge...

My fingers are itching to start writing again. In all my copious free time! HA!

There is a small little add on to my Brian/Draco story that I've been wanting to write. I had it in my head as just a short, humorous one shot but of course the more I think about it, the longer and more angsty it gets. *grin*

There anything in particular you want to see? Any pairing? I'm even thinking of brushing off my alternate S3 QAF fic that I started years ago. It would need massive overhauling, but might be worth it.

Suggestions, encouragement etc much appreciated. :)

Also, it looks like I've not been getting some comment notification! SO SORRY!!!! I'll get back to you guys ASAP!!!


Note to ATWT....

This is how you do a proper "car gets hit by train scene". The tension and drama of this scene seriously left me breathless. It makes what ATWT did look like a farce. Of course it already looked like that anyway...

Also, damn if Danny Miller doesn't continue to be fantastic as Aaron. This is such a complicated, broken, character yet he still remains vulnerable and capable of growth at the same time. It isn't an easy character to follow. He isnt't always easy to love. But he is so completely worth your time.


Fer and David

So I have to admit I kind of lost interest in these two a while back. The person who had been posting with English translations got way behind during Season 5 and I was too caught up with Kish, Lure, Dero, Ollian etc to mind.

I sort of kept up with spoilers and I knew the two main boys broke up. But I randomly found this scene today from the newest season that is airing right now...it's kind of remarkable how far these two have come since their early days. This scene is mature, nuanced (thanks in part to the very nice way it is shot) and I find incredibly painful. It is that heartache of knowing you truly ruined a wonderful thing and it is all your fault.

I'm seriously impressed. And kind of back on the Fervid wagon. :)


DW/TW Fic Rec

I've been meaning to rec this fic for ages.

This is truly one of the most epic, (in terms of concept and length), emotionally deep, beautifully written, genius fan fictions I've ever read. I don't think any writer has made me fall harder for any pairing than d8rkmessngr has made me fall for Jack/Ianto here.

This 40 chapter (many of which are broken into 5-6 Acts) opus starts with Jack on the Gaming Station, recently brought back to life by Bad Wolf Rose, alone amidst the thousands of dead, abandoned by his Doctor. Cannon is followed, Jack goes back to live through the 19th and 20th centuries again, waiting for his Doctor to return. In a brilliant twist he watches his past self have his first interactions again with Rose and 9, in pain the whole time because he knows he can do nothing.

But then the Tardis appears behind him and a new Doctor, pale in a, dark suit arrives. He is not like Jack's doctor. He is smooth and manipulative, and very possessive of his Captain, and finally seems ready to give what Jack has always wanted - a physical relationship with the Doctor. But all is not well, with the constant thrum thrum tap tap we know this is not our Doctor or Jack's and yet he knows no better and is morphed and broken by the "Doctor's" evil ways.

What ensues is a fabulous weaving of cannon (each chapter is either an episode of DW starting with "Army of Ghosts" or TW Season 1) One can only assume who this Doctor is, one can only guess where is taking us. The characterizations of both Jack and Ianto (and all the supporting characters) are thoughtful and spot on.

I still have yet to finish it. It is VERY long, very angsty and in places very dark. But it is a story I always look forward to reading because you know what is going to happen - but not quite and I have found is incredibly satisfying and exciting to read. :)

Here is the author's summary:

Fic: The Oncoming Storm [COMPLETE]
Summary: He abandoned Jack on the game station. But then he came back…different. An AU on what happens if things happened differently.
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17, h/c, angst, first time
Warnings: Some parts down the road may briefly mention non-con, abuse, minor character death, self-harm and violence. Dark in many parts.

Link: Prologue+Chapter 1

Don't miss it!! (astarloa I'm looking at you!!)


I always cry at weddings...

I found this episode incredibly moving: Christian's line about Oliver showing him who he really is, the looks on their faces as the rings were exchanged and strangely enough, the church's blessing. It was simply gorgeous. So perfect for this couple and this show. And also a somewhat heart breaking opposite, an example of how life SHOULD be, to another show we've all been watching...

Herzlichen glückwunsch Christian and Oliver!!!!!!!


There is Still Love Left; DeRo 9/2/2010

Because there are a good number of people on my flist who could use something to squee over today lets take a look at these two boys.

1) I was not expecting this to happen. I would have respected Deniz either way, but I have to say, the look on Roman's face was hurting pretty bad when he realized Deniz still wanted him to move out.
2) This is a show that actually cares about their fan base. The fact that they brought back the 3 roses idea again: that is love! That is showing their fans they care! That is caring about their characters
3) How much do you love Florian?!?!?! Best little brother ever. :)

Seriously. Thank god for the Germans and their far superior soap writing skills.

Obligatory DO NOT CROSSPOST warning.

So yeah...needless to say...


Anything. My mom is on Facebook. My 14 year old niece. LJ and Facebook do not overlap AT ALL for me and I'd very much like to keep it that way. No...not very much like...DEMAND!!!!

Ok...sorry. Mood swings/irritability anyone??? Fuck you, hormones.

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